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When a company produces a high-quality product, it makes sense to provide a warranty with a corresponding value. At CJRTec, we do just that!

We combine components from Europe, Asia and America to produce the finest precision presses made. We are helping to bring manufacturing back to America and are doing our part to provide the tools American companies need to compete with foreign interests.

By integrating the vast experience of our own engineers with the support of our world-wide supply partners, we have been able to dominate the market place as the first manufacturer of USA designed clicker press machines with assembly right here in America. Plus, we monitor and manage each part of our production and provide warranty to our clicker presses for a full 12 months. This is what allows us to stand so confidently behind our machines.

The distance, delay and danger of purchasing from unknown, foreign companies is simply not worth the headache and potential risk – not when there is an American clicker press manufacturing company that can service your needs and be close at hand when you need help.

Great products, great warranty, peace of mind – that’s CJRTec.

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